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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Latest and Greatest SECPTA Posts
Latest and Greatest SECPTA Posts

Join us for one of our activities and see what we are all about. We would love to meet you!
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General Meetings

Step One: Welcome Table

The fourth Tuesday of each month is typically the SECPTA General Meeting. We meet at the Solon Community Center.  When you enter through the main doors of the building, veer to your right and head down the long hallway.  (If you go through the door on your right, you be in the Senior Center…which in that case, you might end up doing the polka!)  Go to the end of the hall and you will see a table and will be greeted by our wonderful Welcoming Committee.  You will sign in and grab a name tag.

Step Two: Sign-Ups

Sign-ups occur from 6:15pm-7:00pm.  This is the time to sign up for Field Trips, Adult Outings, Cooking Club, Playgroups, Tb-ball or Soccer and other various activities.  This is also a time to mingle and get to know other members.  There are also light refreshments and drinks for your enjoyment.

Step Three: Babysitting

We all understand that spouses may not get home in time to take care of the kids so you can attend the meeting. SECPTA offers FREE babysitting at each and every meeting.   Children are in the room next door and are kept active and happy.  Juice and a light snack are provided (also free) for the children.  If your child needs you, you are notified immediately.

Step Four: Business

Starting at 7:00pm, our president calls the meeting to order and we listen to her share some great things that are happening with SEPCTA. Committee Chairs will also share events that they are planning. This is also a time where voting would occur.  This generally takes about 10 minutes.

Step Five: Speaker

Each month, we have a different high-interest speaker come and address our membership. The topics are constantly changing.

There you have it!  A look into what takes place at our General Meetings! This upcoming meeting is a great opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friend.  We really hope you consider joining us at the next meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our president or any other member.  Feel free to bring a friend…our meetings are always open to the public!